Die Nutzung kollaborativer Online-Plattformen durch Parteien: „Top down“ oder „bottom up“?

Hanel, K., & Marschall, S.
Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 22 (1), (S. 5-34).

Facing severe linkage problems, parties have started to experiment with new channels for intra-party communication, such as collaborative online-platforms. According to the concept of “mediatization”, implementing internet-applications of this kind can change the intra-party processes of opinion-forming and decision making, either by strengthening the party management or by empowering the members of the party in a bottom-up direction. A case study on the implementation of an online-platform prior to the party convention of the German Social Democrats in December, 2011, reveals that the party management controlled the online-procedure as well as the processing of the results to a remarkable extent – thereby effectively constraining the participatory potential of the tool. At the same time, robust characteristics of the application emerge which might limit the instrumentalization of these platforms by the party elites in the long run, shifting power resources away from the party elites to the party’s ground.

Zitation (APA)

Hanel, K., & Marschall, S. (2012). Die Nutzung kollaborativer Online-Plattformen durch Parteien: „Top down“ oder „bottom up“?. Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 22(1), 5-34.