The international encyclopedia of media studies

Valdivia, A. N. (Hrsg.)
4324 Seiten, ISBN 978-1405193566,
Oxford, UK: Blackwell 2012

The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies brings together over 175 critical essays to redraw the boundaries of this rapidly evolving and dynamically complex area. Global in scope, wide-ranging in its inclusion of topics, and edited by an international team of the world’s best scholars, this is the definitive resource for the field.

– Includes more than 175 essays written by over 200 leading and emerging scholars from across the globe
– Arranged across 6 thematic volumes edited by an international team of expert scholars
– Accessible volume introductions provide overviews of key themes
– The most definitive resource available in this complex, heterogeneous, multi-methodological and multi-theoretical interdisciplinary field
– Explores media as it is being practiced, produced, and analyzed in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, and Europe
– All volumes pay close attention to issues of gender and ethnicity so necessary to understanding contemporary media
– Probes the many dimensions of the subject: history, production, content, audiences, effects, and futures

Zitation (APA)

Valdivia, A. N. (Hrsg.) (2012). The international encyclopedia of media studies Oxford, UK: Blackwell.