The permanent campaign: New media, new politics

Elmer, G., Langlois, G., & McKelvey, F.
ISBN 978-1-4331-1606-3, 31,20 EUR
New York: Peter Lang 2012

From the social media-based 2008 Obama election campaign to the civic protest and political revolutions of the 2011 Arab Spring, the past few years have been marked by a widespread and complex shift in the political landscape, as the rise of participatory platforms – such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs – have multiplied the venues for political communication and activism.

This book explores the emergence of a permanent campaign – the need for constant readiness – on networked communication platforms, focusing on political moments, crises and elections in Canada, the U.S.A., and Australia. The book chapters investigate the proliferation of new political actors and communicators: political bloggers, advocacy groups, diverse publics, and political party staff as they engage in political maneuvers across participatory platforms. With in-depth analyses of some of the most well-known participatory media today, this book offers a critical assessment of the constant efforts at managing the plurality of voices that characterize contemporary politics.


Zitation (APA)

Elmer, G., Langlois, G., & McKelvey, F. (2012). The permanent campaign: New media, new politics New York: Peter Lang.